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Need a little crunch in your life?

October 26, 2015

When you read the title you might think this post is going to be all about ab exercises. But, actually it’s going to be about one of my favorite snack foods. I live in a town that is considered a snack capital of the country. Hanover, Pennsylvania has Snyder’s- Lance and Utz and Frito-Lay is  in nearby York and there’s Martin’s potato chips too. There is no shortage of crunchy snack foods to choose from around my town. When I moved to cleaner eating, I realized I was missing in a crunch in my life when I couldn’t eat some of my favorite chips because they just aren’t good for us.

I did a little research and try to find some chips that could work as long as I eat them in moderation. I’m sharing some of the ones I tried here and noting one factor that I really look at when I choose a chip to try. That factor is the sodium content. The four  I am sharing about here are Utz Multigrain Tortillas, Simply Balanced Blue Corn from Target (with the cool built in zip close too), Tostitos, and a MixtBag chip from Giant.


  • Utz Multigrain Tortillas (75mg sodium)
  • Simply Balanced Blue Corn (80 mg)
  • Tostitos (100 mg)
  • RW Garcia MixtBag (50mg)

Now, it’s not only the sodium content that matters because my chip has to have the crunch factor! All of the above chips have a good crunch, but I got lucky and I happen to love the MixtBag chip for its crunch and it’s the lowest sodium too! When I serve them for guests, I also like the two color presentation! They come in a couple of varieties too! 

 What’s your favorite crunchy snack?

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