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Fresh Produce – Save it longer and save money!

December 12, 2015

I picked up this FridgeSmart container from a vendor at a group yard sale when she told me it would keep celery and cucumbers fresh long enough for me to actually eat them!
It totally works! I learned last night that I could be using it even better by not washing and cutting my food before I put it in the container.

You simply put your produce inside “naked and dirty” and it lasts a week or more than it would otherwise!

The handy picture in the front shows which foods should be in the fridge and which vent setting to use for each.
I’ve only used it for produce, but this week I’m going to try it with fruit. You can even combine foods as long as they use the same vent setting.
What’s your method for keeping food fresh longer — and saving money then?

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