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January 6, 2016

I love to share cool things I find! This one was a bit of a happy accident! I was reviewing some of the sale emails before Christmas (man were there ALOT!) and happened upon a woot! sale for some shelving units. My friend at work had talked to me about Origami furniture when I ordered a desk. She said the stuff comes, you unfold it, use it and then you can even fold it back up later. I was NOT a believer. I thought origami was all about paper folding:) But, when I saw Origami shelves on sale and I knew I wanted to organize my holiday decorations, I went ahead and ordered them.

Well, when the shelves arrived, the shelves weren’t deep enough to hold the the tubs I store the holiday decorations in. I was disappointed, but since I was reorganizing the office, I made quick use of one of the units in there. Did I mention it was a 2-fer deal?

I wasn’t sure what to do with the other one when my daughter suggested it would be perfect to store weights in the basement gym we were setting up for Hammer & Chisel.  I was still getting over my disappointment that my holiday decoration storage idea wasn’t going to happen, but I gave it a try. What a great idea! The shelves are just the right depth for the dumbbells and with a small piece of cardboard I can set things on the top shelf too.

  Now when Sagi says to keep your workout area neat, I can quickly comply!

Here’s a video about the Origami Rack system!


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