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January 12, 2016

Super Saturday! So fun!

What an awesome weekend with wonderful people! Ever since I attended my first Super Saturday in Chambersburg the previous year, I have been looking forward to this weekend in Pittsburgh!
I knew that in addition to the fun, there would be great learning opportunities. I planned my packing list, was lucky to have friends share dresses when I learned my wouldn’t arrive in time, and bought an amazing pair of shoes!

shakeology, cafe latte, weight loss, beachbody, eat clean

super saturday, beachbody, mlm, shakeology, clean eating, healthy living

Autumn Calabrese – 21 Day Fix Creator


Things got underway for me early when I received an email on Thursday that I had randomly been selected to have a photo opp with Autumn Calabrese! Excellent!
We left at lunchtime on Friday (just Rich and me!) and arrived in plenty of time to check in at the hotel in Pittsburgh. Rich was happy to be returning to the city where he was born and there was a big Steelers game that weekend!! We unpacked, changed and headed up to the photo opp area. It was electric with EXCITEMENT and even though it was quick, it was still personal 😉

super saturday, pittsburgh, autumn calabrese, beachbody, healthy living, mlm

Look who else got a photo!

Brand New Flavor!

It was great to be one of the first to sample the brand new Cafe Latte Shakeology flavor! I totally switched my monthly order to the new Barista Combo Box. There were rows of samples mixed with water and some mixed with almond milk. I tried each type and found that I kind of liked the flavor even though I do not drink coffee! I liked it more like a milkshake, but that’s how I always drink my Shakeology. I grabbed another sample near the end when I went back for the recipe menu. Since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I grabbed another sample – the perfect, healthy snack to fill me up!


We heard some super INSPIRATIONAL TRANSFORMATION stories from fellow team members. It’s always so grounding to be reminded how we are working TOGETHER to help improve the health and fitness of people in our country. I learned some great updates and background about Beachbody from CEO Carl Daikeler, including how much money has been raised for Upward Bound House from December Hammer and Chisel challenge pack purchases.  Beachbody gives back, that’s for sure! Autumn spoke too and shared some of her history with a roomful of admiring coaches. SO inspiring!
super saturday, 21 day fix, barista, cafe latte, shakeologyThe event organizers presented Carl and Autumn with barista aprons and mugs in honor of the Super Friday Barista Blackout theme. The relationships and interactions are inclusive, and by that I mean everyone in the room felt on the “same level”! So comfortable and welcoming! That’s not a way I am used to feeling in a crowd. Usually I feel ALONE in a crowd of people that I don’t know. So, so not the case when I’m with a group of Beachbody coaches!

All that was followed by a group workout! I’m not used to working out that late, so I wasn’t in perfect form, but I did participate! That’s a lot for a Friday night for me for sure. All to be followed by a morning workout on Saturday and tons more learning and fun!


A few great shots from the Dream Team festivities on Saturday night.

Date night!

shakeology, cafe latte, weight loss, beachbody, eat clean


shakeology, cafe latte, weight loss, beachbody, eat clean

shakeology, cafe latte, weight loss, beachbody, eat clean





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