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Hammer & Chisel – 3/4 of the way!

January 18, 2016

I can’t believe I am hanging in there! I am so proud of myself!! After a quick ski weekend I came home, unpacked, did some meal prep and finished up week six strong with hammer strength.

I did all the workouts this week and moved rest day to Saturday to go skiing with family and friends and that was awesome!  I was really looking forward to seeing what impact my increased upper body strength and leg muscles would have on my skiing. I am not a confident or strong skier, but after conquering the bunny slope, I have to say I felt pretty good on the more difficult hills. I think I only fell one time and it that was a controlled fall even 😉

I was looking forward to tonight’s workout when we got home because I thought it would stretch me out after using the different muscles for skiing. I did use energize before the work out because I knew that would really help with motivation and stamina. And it definitely did. But I was still pretty excited when it was over! Yay, cool down clock!

 This week I was able to make the chicken taco soup in the crockpot and I enjoy eating that with RW Garcia corn chips. I topped it with avocado one night this week and I will even try some with feta in there – I love feta in warm soup! I whipped up some Fixate grandma’s tomato sauce, which is a key ingredient in the turkey taco meat. This week was all about comfort food, it seems. I can’t wait to try cauliflower rice this week that I learned about from some followers on my Facebook page.
The workouts were good and I continue to enjoy the performance line. Chisel balance was in the rotation this week and even though it’s one of my least favorites I feel like I probably did it at 80%. Those moves are tough! I tried out The Master’s cardio dvd one night – it’s a total sweat fest! Maybe I’ll be able to do that whole thing eventually! It’s only about 18 minutes!

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I decided to couple of new shakeology recipes this week and that went pretty well. I don’t like to change something that I know I like by decided to add some variety to my week. I had never had strawberry and thought the mojito recipe was refreshing. The chocolate vanilla twist is a total fav now!


I also received some Café Latte packets to share with some folks that are interested. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to save one for myself because it is so popular.

Really thrilled to start a new challenge group this week! If you are ready to Feel Great Now – there is still room and time to join!! Click here to fill out the application and I’ll be in touch!!

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