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It’s a wrap! 

January 31, 2016

I did it! It’s the end of the 60 day hammer and chisel program. We wrapped up with hammer  power and the 10 minute ab hammer.

For some reason this week I had trouble getting all my green containers in – that means vegetables. I should be eating four vegetables every day, well four servings of vegetables every day. Because I was having trouble doing this I decided to add the power greens boost to my shakeology in the morning – that way I was sure to be getting that green I was missing.

I tried out a couple of new recipes this week to work into my meal rotation. But of course I also stuck with some of my favorites. I made vegetable egg cup muffins which are easy to pop in the microwave for breakfast lunch or a snack – but I also made flourless brownie muffins which are a carb, but also are half of a healthy fat. The problem with these is that they are so delicious it’s hard to stop at one serving!

My results from hammer and chisel are great! My weight has been stable over the past month. Of course I always want to see a lower number on the scale because that’s what I grew up watching as an indicator of what was important for my feelings of being healthy. But what I have noticed is that my clothes fit much differently. My jeans are looser on my legs and on my hips. My measurements – inches – did go down in all areas except for upper thigh size. What’s funny is that my thighs are definitely shaped differently – I can see the muscles! All of this has me motivated to keep going because now I realize that I can rid myself of troublesome areas I still see. I feel powerful!

 Sure when people see me in my clothes I look great but actually what’s most important is HOW GREAT I FEEL. I do notice some of my shirts are little tight in my upper arm, and usually I’d be worried about that but now I know that it’s muscle and I just have to be careful when buying shirts.

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I woke up Monday morning and didn’t know what to do with myself! I spent all day feeling bad that I hadn’t worked out because honestly I’m just not as alert if I haven’t gotten up and worked out. That is so not me! Anyway I got home, downed some Energize and did Plyo Fix Extreme. I decided I will do a week of the 21 day fix extreme just to see how it feels after two months of hammer and chisel. Plus, my challengers are doing the 21 day fix, so I will join them!

I should be stronger! I should be able to do all the moves for the whole time! And I was stronger, but I still didn’t do the moves the whole time. I think I was easily tired out because I haven’t been doing much cardio and Plyo Fix Extreme is a lot of jumping which I’m just not used to now. Oh, and I didn’t sleep much the night before 😉 I think it’ll be nice to mix it up for my body and my mind – we’ll just see how that goes! I have to make some decisions about what to do next week – I’m thinking of doing rotating workouts from beach body on-demand with the challenge du jour. Have you tried your free trial of Beachbody on Demand? You totally should!


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