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30 Day Chisel – Week 3

February 28, 2016

After 60 days of the Hammer and Chisel program, I was ready to mix things up, but not ready to try something totally new. The 30 day chisel calendar looked promising and I’m happy to say that I have really enjoyed it so far! Here is the week three workout rotation and my summary for each day. The goal of the 30 Day Chisel program is to focus on building muscle, strength and power!


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  • Chisel Balance – This one is not my favorite – but I know that’s because it’s a real challenge!! The workout has full-body resistance moves that exhaust individual muscle groups to help you see dramatic change quickly.
  • Chisel Cardio – I like this one! You are moving most of the time, but also using weights so you’re working on strength to mix it up. You’ll definitely get your heart pumping and burn fat with Chisel Cardio.
  • Chisel Endurance – Another good one! You work on improving endurance by holding tension with moves that target your slow-twitch muscle fibers. One minute exercises – who knew a minute could seem so long! Two rounds of Bench Run Ups, Negative Pull-Ups, Step Ups, Decline pushups, Rows, Incline bench press, and Planks.
  • ISO Strength Chisel – Love this one!! You do full range-of-motion moves and isometric holds to build strength and trim fat for a leaner physique. The holds are tough! You do 10 reps and then hold for 10 seconds – 3 times!! The bulgarian split squat is my nemesis!
  • Chisel Agility – This one makes me laugh every time I do the grapevine and slides move. Because I can see my legs in the mirror, it’s pretty entertaining to see myself twisting side to side with my feet nearly tripping myself up. Autumn isn’t kidding when she says your brain power is reduced as you get through the workout. She calls out the moves and often I’m one move behind by the end. You will develop speed, coordination (I lack this!), and power with moves inspired by athletic training.
  • Total Body Chisel – This one is a 35-minute workout begins with 4 minutes of dynamic stretches. I love the opening stretches!! The workout includes three rounds. Each round includes three sets, each with a leg exercise, chest/tricep exercise, and back/bicep exercise. Each set includes 10 reps, and the entire set is repeated three times with little rest between.Combining the three exercises together keeps your heart-rate up throughout the workout, which burns calories and fat quicker (and makes for a super-efficient workout).
  • 10 Minute Ab Chisel – I really like the 10 minute abs from both of the 21 day fix programs. This one is a good one too! All the moves are done with a bench, so no getting down on the floor. 10 moves, 1 minute each. Rainbows and unicorns are two of the moves!

I am on to the last week of the 30 day calendar and will have to decide what to do next. In the past, I only exercised and dieted leading up to summer or to prepare for an “event”. I am so happy to say that I now exercise every day and work hard to eat clean and healthy the majority of the time. Here is my meal plan for the upcoming week!
Hammer & Chisel 1200-1499 - Chisel WK4 MealPlan 1200-1500-1

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