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22 Minutes to Fitness – 1/2 way!

April 3, 2016

Feeling great about 22 Minute Hard Corps at the half way point!

Slight meal plan deviation this weekend, but it could have been worse! Right back on track this week for week 5!  I’ve been through all the scheduled programs now, so no more surprises! I’ve even done two of the special ops programs and I’ll get to the third one this week.

Now, it’s all about plowing ahead and finishing strong!

This past week, my meal planning was simplified due to the 3 day refresh. Check out those results here!

I have also included some photos of the different moves. Cardio 3 was new this week and it took me a bit more than 22 minutes because there are no breaks and with the moves being new, it took me longer to get them done and I had to pause the video to try and get all the reps in. It is definitely quick paced! I’m thinking about getting a heart monitor!

Also, thanks to a Facebook support group, I discovered the 12 minute cold start warm up that I should probably be doing more often. That will add time to the workout, but still keep it close to 30 minutes. The Cold Start burns about 100 calories and is not really challenging and provides some awesome stretching, so the pros definitely outweigh the cons!

It’s time to meal plan and I am started on this. I have some Blue Apron meals coming later this week, so that helps with meal prep since they send ALL the ingredients! Some of the meals I had this week were from the 3 day refresh and also I made some SUPER EASY chicken! Heat up some olive oil and salt and pepper both sides of your chicken. Cook in the pan for 4-5 minutes per side or until cooked through. Good for salads, sandwiches or right on the plate.

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Week 5 Meal Plan

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Looking ahead to week 5, I see I have the chance to do the special ops workouts this week and I’m going to take that challenge!

Mid-Point Fit Test Comparison

results, 22 minute, fit test

 Join me and let’s go hard corps with your fitness!

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