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April Super Saturday!

April 3, 2016

SUPER, SUPER SATURDAY! beachbody, fitness, team, communityFour times a year, there is a Beachbody Super Saturday event. These events are held all around the country (you should check one out ;). I knew I was going to attend and I had a few choices about where to go. I ended up deciding to attend in Philadelphia to coordinate with an event my husband wanted to attend. I am SO glad I did!!

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Going to Philadelphia meant going it alone, but because I know I’m a member of a super awesome community, that didn’t even matter to me. That’s really strange because in the past, I never wanted to be the one that didn’t have a buddy to pal around with. In the end, another girl on my team decided to attend the Philly event too, so we did meet up. I knew Samantha from our online group, but didn’t really know her.  It worked out great that we joined up – we were fast friends and enjoyed the event together.



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The Philly Market Council hosted a high energy, dynamic event at the Sugarhouse Casino event center. Their pride and enthusiasm for changing lives was so contagious! They have grown and thrived lately and were so welcoming.  Big Dave was the emcee and did an awesome job! We heard announcements from corporate, transformation stories – always so motivating – and got to hear from Coach Jimmy! Let me tell you, he is REAL!



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The day ended with a group workout – 22 minutes hard Corp cardio 1 with about 700 people!! They had Energize for us and the workout went great! I’m used to working out alone, but really enjoyed the group experience. I knew the workout moves, so that was a plus!

I can’t wait for the next event!! Summit is a HUGE event in July in Tennessee and I’m on the waiting list for that! There are great things ahead and events like these remind me what great work we are all doing to help others!


Team Fit, Healthy, & Happy is looking to add determined, busy women to help others on their health and fitness journeys! Fill out the coaching application below and I’ll be in touch!

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