22 Minute Hard Corps

22 Minutes to Fitness! 2 More Weeks!

April 18, 2016

Another 2 weeks of 22 minute hard corps in the books! Wrapping up week six today with the rest day. Felt good about the workouts for the past two weeks – only missed one of the Core programs on a morning where I just didn’t get enough rest the night before. I’m going to focus in on nutrition with meal planning and prep for the last two weeks of the program!

I feel like I am doing a good job with the nutrition piece of the program – I’ve switched my lifestyle to clean eating so a lot of the food part has become second nature now. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy! I know the choices I should be making, but that’s doesn’t mean it happens every time.

I’m SUPER PROUD to have stuck with the program. I was nervous at first because of how different it is than hammer and chisel. 22 minute hard corps may be short, but their tough and effective! Past two week’s exercises were:

22 minutes, fitness, workout, get fit, feel great
And the next two weeks brings the same exercises, but in different order and combinations.

22 minutes, fitness, workout, get fit
I am not sure I am in for the optional Hell Week for a week 9 extension!!

hell week, 22 minutes, fitness, workout, get fit

Planning ahead and prepping certainly makes thing easier! I am considering some items from this meal plan that involves NO COOKING!

meal prep, meal plan, eat clean, clean eating
I’m sticking with some staples this week, and trying a couple of new things in. Plus I also have a blue apron delivery this week. The meal plan is posted below. Now to stick to it!!

blue apron, meal prep, meal planning

meal plan, meal prep, fitness, 22 minutes, eat clean, clean eating

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