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22 Minutes to Fitness – It’s a Wrap (kind of)

May 2, 2016

Finished up week 8 of 22 Minute Hard Corps today with the 8th week fit test.  I did all of the workouts each week and definitely know I am stronger and fitter. For a short daily workout, my heart was always pretty amped up! Here’s to 22 minutes to fitness!



Week 8 (and Week9)

My end of program stats have me down 4 pounds and 3 overall inches with 22 minutes of fitness! My big non-scale WIN for the last week of the program was the chin ups! I can do about 2 now – which might seem like nothing, but seriously, I could not even move a millimeter when we put the bar up 8 weeks ago! Even though week 8 is the end of the program, I am going to do the optional week 9 and double up on workouts for “hell week”.

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Can I do it?

22 minute hard corps mountain climber fitness

Mountain Climbers

Some other moves I have gotten better at are the Gorilla Crawls and Mountain Climbers. The Gorilla Crawls are tricky because you want to be sure you stay low enough to get the maximum benefit. I can say that my moves are definitely done with better form now that I have been through all the exercises a couple of times. Even if I don’t get all the reps (which I try to do!) I can say that the reps I do get are done with good form. One move I cannot get all the reps for are pump jumpers!! The Core programs are really good – Core 2 may be a favorite of mine! The V-ups are tough, but you can feel them working!

22 minute hard corps fitness

Gorilla Crawls

core exercise v-up 22 minute hard corp fitness



In addition to the daily workouts and staying on track with my meal plan and containers, I never missed a day of Shakeology! Shakeology is my favorite meal of the day and by far the one full of the most nutrients. I almost ran out during week 8, but when we were down to the last scoops, my replacement box arrived. Perfect timing! This past month, I received my “golden scoop” for having shakeology 12 straight months. I’m a “365-er” now! That’s one awesome club to be a part of!

shakelology beachbody chocolate

Thank goodness for auto-ship!






Here is my meal plan for week 9 – it’s pretty similar to past weeks, but this week I am adding in an extra protein. I have it in as an extra shake and I’m thinking of adding the Shakeology Greens Boost for an extra vegetable. Based on the posts of some other Hard Corps folks, I am thinking I have been under eating during the program, so with the double workouts this week, I decided to up my intake!

meal plan, 22 minute hard corps, hell week, beachbody

Adding in an extra protein for the double workout week.


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