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Fitness Anniversary!

May 23, 2016

Fitness Anniversary – Two weeks down and one more week to go!

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My internal voice convincing myself that the early morning workout is worth it! That internal voice wins every time!

It was this exact time last year that I was going on week 3 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme as I started my health and fitness journey! I am a year stronger and definitely a year more dedicated to my health and fitness. This time last year, I was celebrating how much more comfortable I was in my pants after just two weeks and you know what?! The same is true this year! I don’t feel like I have a lot of pounds to lose, actually my scale weight is about the same as last year when I started, but I have totally reshaped my body. I broke up with my scale for this round! I took out the battery and decided not to weigh myself until the round ends. I believe that if I weigh myself and see a good number on the scale, then I ease up with my nutrition!


The 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts are routine for me now – but still challenging that’s for sure!! This time, I decided to track my weights and reps for each move, to make sure I am not wimping out. I mean, it’s only 30 minutes, so I should be giving it my all! Especially in this last week of the round! Seriously, 21 days FLIES by!! My alarm is set for the early morning workout and my pre-workout Energize is set out – Energize makes my workout more productive and enjoyable!! Here is a tracker for Plyo (short for plyometrics). You can make your own in a notebook or download it here. I am working on digitizing my handwritten ones for the other workouts!

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When it comes to nutrition, I am treating this week as if it was my very first week of my very first round. I know that my first round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme in May 2015 was my VERY BEST round because I was super attentive to my meal plan. Even this round, I was very careful week 1 – even carrying my meal plan around with me again. Then in week 2, I was a little lax with my nutrition and didn’t carry my meal plan. I noticed that had a real affect on my dedication. So, it’s back to the basics! Tomorrow I will have my meal plan in hand as I pack my lunch and prepare my dinner. I made my plan earlier today, shopped and prepped some foods – have to plan to succeed!! Scroll down a little for the week 3 meal plan. 👇🏻


I’m pretty jazzed for the upcoming JUMP INTO JUNE challenge group where I will share what I have learned over the past year with other ladies that are ready to feel great and rock summer fashions with confidence! Click here to get more information or scroll down 👇🏻 to complete the application and get going with your health and fitness journey.

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