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June 20, 2016

The 3 Day Refresh is Rejuvenating!

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Making a plan!

I was all set to do the 3 Day Refresh this week, but all of the sudden my husband decided he was going to do it. He’s been trying to work hard on his eating and had attempted to get back to working out. Time and stress are two factors that make these things difficult to stay focused on. The 3 Day Refresh is perfect to get back on track with good eating. I have done the refresh a couple of times before and was looking forward to his results! It seemed to be a good way to lose a few pounds, slim down and feel great.





We went through the easy to follow guide book and talked about the schedule and he decided to go ahead with it! Since I had done the refresh before, that made things ALOT easier, plus since I was going to be home 2 of the 3 days, I could prepare the foods and make sure he stayed on track.


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Shopping List

From the foods he selected, I generated the shopping list you see here and plotted out the schedule on an index card for him. The booklet is great, but a quick cheat sheet is helpful to avoid flipping back and forth! One important thing I did was I picked up 3 gallons of distilled water. I felt this would be easy way to track the amount of water he would take in each day. Turns out the water was the hardest part. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water can be tough for a guy his size!

Things went well on day one! He followed the cheat sheet and had water right away upon waking up and then shortly after that he blended chocolate Shakeology with a banana.  Then we set about to do some work for the day. Rich works from home now and then, so that was helpful for me to monitor his progress.

Around 10:30, he went ahead and had the fiber sweep. I always try to have my fiber sweep really cold (some people add lemon too), but I made it too cold which slowed down his drinking. But you do need to drink it quickly!  As the schedule goes an hour or more passed and Rich was ready for lunch. This is an easy one because you have the vanilla and fruit. We blended it with fresh strawberries – I always pick strawberries because you can have 12 medium ones and that seems like a lot compared to 1/2 an apple! You also have a vegetable and healthy fat so we chose cucumbers and celery with hummus.

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Lunchtime! Vanilla Fresh with Strawberries, Veggies & Hummus

After some work outside Rich returned for his snack – a vegetable and healthy fat. Kind of boring, but again he had cucumbers and celery with hummus.

We made it to dinnertime and the second vanilla fresh. No fruit this time, so be sure to use less ice if you’re blending it. Too much ice makes it clumpy, but just the right amount makes it a smooth cool drink! Rich had the spinach salad two of the three nights and the vegetable stir fry the other night. That’s one thing about the refresh – it’s an easy routine to follow!

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Vanilla Fresh & Vegetable Stirfry

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Spinach Salad

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Wednesday’s food (after breakfast:)

On day 3, Rich was a bit run down and had a golf lesson and he felt pretty beat. He came home and had a Chocolate Shakeology with a banana. So for dinner that night he skipped the Vanilla Fresh, but had the spinach salad. So he did deviate from the plan some on the last day, but we didn’t want him to be so sluggish that he couldn’t get done the things he wanted to get done. The results came in on day 4! Rich was down 4 pounds and about 4 inches. On the morning of day 2, Rich was skeptical because his pounds hadn’t changed and on the morning of day 3 he said he was up a 1/2 pound! He stuck to the plan and we’re glad he did!

The one thing he could do differently is to be sure he drinks ALL the water, every day!

Here’s a 3 Day Refresh cheat sheet for you if you’re going to get refreshed!

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