21 Day Fix Extreme Challenges

Challenge Time!

June 25, 2016

Last week I saw a post about an exciting opportunity! If you’ve been following my journey or hanging around the Feel Great Now community, you know how I feel about the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I LOVE IT!  From the 30 minute workouts to the awesome nutrition plan, this program totally changed my life.

Right now through July 27th, Beachbody is running a 21 Day Fix Extreme test group on Facebook. You may be thinking, okay, what’s the big deal?! Well, Beachbody is looking to make a new 30 minute infomercial and they will pick people from the Facebook group! So, I checked my calendar and I’m going to do a new round of 21 Day Fix Extreme starting July 4th or July 5th and wrap up just before the July 27th deadline. I’ll be submitting my before photos prior to the July 6th deadline and I’ll have my afters in time for the end date. I will be on a family vacation for a week in the middle, but I’m actually thinking the timing is great. I’ll hold myself more accountable on the vacation this way. Follow my daily progress over on the Feel Great Now page.
I encourage anyone that is ready to make a real commitment to join the test group, order your challenge pack and be ready to get real RESULTS!

I will be hosting a Summer Sweat challenge group starting July 10th! —- fill out the application and let’s sweat it out together! Sign up for more information!!

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