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21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 22!

July 26, 2016

Moment of Truth!

See the results! This past Monday was day 22 of my 21 Day Fix Extreme TV test group challenge. (#21DFXTVTestGroup) Day 22 is important because that’s the day that you wake up to your final results. Honestly I waited a little bit to get on the scale, but I felt good about my efforts so I knew I would be happy with whatever number I those digital red numbers showed up to be!

The results are in!

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I am super happy to report that in 21 days of good to great nutrition, 30 minutes of daily exercise, and daily Shakeology, that I was able to lose 11 1/2 pounds! My goal was to tone up and try and get to 120 pounds. It might not be a big deal if I hadn’t made it to 120 pounds – a 2016 goal of mine is to maintain at 125 pounds and I was doing OK at it. When my pounds started to creep into the 130’s in early summer, I saw this challenge as a chance to participate in a group that would really help me hold myself accountable! When people join together doing similar activities – even with varying goals – it’s so helpful for everyone in the group!!! Scroll down or click here to apply for a challenge group. It’s life changing!

Inches & Pounds

Even better than the weight loss for me are the inches lost. My trouble areas are my legs, hips and sometimes my waist. When I eat badly (sugar!) that’s where it all ends up for me. The 21 Day Fix Tracker app is a great to record your stats and track your eating! I don’t usually measure my calves, but I’m kind of glad I did!!

before and after 21 day fix extreme

21 Day Fix Tracker App – I don’t usually measure my calves!

Who is 21 Day Fix for?

IT’S FOR EVERYONE!! I’m so excited to report that again the 21 Day Fix Extreme program has worked for me more than one time! I’m also happy to say that it will also work for ANYONE! If you don’t think you’re ready for the extreme program, there’s also the regular 21 Day Fix program and the soon to be released cardio dance fitness program, Country Heat! Both have  the same easy to follow  nutrition plan, daily exercise, Shakeology and a free challenge group will get you the results you’re looking for!! 21-30 days!

Countdown to Competition

The last week of the challenge, I followed a different eating plan than I had ever done before. Challenging, but worth it! In the third week I followed the extreme eating plan on day one and then two days of countdown to competition, an extreme eating plan day, and then ended the challenge with three countdown to competition days in a row. The countdown to competition focused meal plan is a great option if you have an event that you want to look your best for, if you want to get shredded fast, or to see how far you can push your nutrition. This challenge ended right before my first Beachbody Coach Summit, so the timing was perfect!

Honestly on the last day, Sunday  – I said to my husband maybe I should just weigh out that day (a day early) and be done with it. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, so I was actually thankful when he looked at me and reminded me I wouldn’t  want to do that! So I stuck with it and he’s right, I would have regretted going so far only to “give up” on the last day. Here’s the meal plan that I followed pretty closely.

21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition

I did adjust some because we went to Hersheypark on Wednesday. Here is how I handled my day Hersheypark while on the countdown to competition plan.

  • 7:45am Breakfast of Shakeology with a tsp of all natural peanut butter
  • 9am Chicken and sweet potato in car before going inside
  • 11:30 Tuna pouch in park
  • 2pm 6 egg whites from hard boiled eggs & cold green beans (I had to hike back to the car, which I didn’t love doing, but at least I got in extra steps! I’m mmkrill on Fitbit!)
  • 5:00 Ground Turkey and Broccoli
Meal Prepping Healthy Eating

Meals Prepped!

Meal Prepping!

The three days of countdown to competition are definitely challenging, mainly because it’s time-consuming to sit down and eat a protein and a vegetable so many times in a day. It’s a lot of chewing! I cooked some food on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday and figured I would have some left for Friday.
On Thursday I made a bit more food for Friday,  Saturday and Sunday. Because I chose fish (cod) for my protein, it’s better to not make all that you need in advance. I also found I enjoyed the chicken more if I made it to order.  I’m a teacher and home in the summer, so that made it a lot easier to prep multiple times. I did prep all my ground turkey on the first day and then used it throughout the week.

Countdown to Competition Meal

Eat this, not that! My daughter’s chocolate chip cookie bars were tempting! Sweet potato and chicken for me!

Poached Cod Healthy Meal

Poached Cod – Quick, easy and pretty good!

Daily Fitness!

By the third week, you have the exercises down and can almost do the moves without looking. It’s like getting together with the gang for your workout. Then when you check into the challenge group, you have motivation and support from everyone else! Recipe sharing, victories, challenges and more. Scroll down or click here to apply for a challenge group. I’d love to help you on your journey!!






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