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July 27, 2016

Comfort zone busted!

When a friend suggested that we both get certified to teach Country Heat, I wasn’t too sure. I have gone to a lot of Zumba classes and I love Zumba and I had even looked into becoming a Zumba instructor. BUT, really I don’t think I’m that coordinated – I always had to have my eyes on the leader. If you want more information about Country Heat or you’re ready to join the a Challenge Group – fill out the form here or scroll down!!

To think about BEING the leader is a whole other thing!! Secretly, I had kind of thought about getting certified, and it only took that one suggestion and I decided to take the leap! I was already going to Beachbody Coach Summit, and it just meant adding one day to my trip.

Beachbody Coach SummitI registered in April and pretty much tried to forget about it! Then, all of a sudden it was July and time to test out the Sneak Peek from Beachbody on Demand. Thankfully, there were two chances to try it out! The first time I went through the routine I was pretty surprised at the workout it was! I had already done my daily workout and so this was my double for the day. Well, Country Heat is 30 minutes of hot, sweaty dance party fun!!

The second sneak peek rolled around and I decided to do the move breakdown before the program. SO WORTH IT!

Country Heat


Then it was time to actually SHOW UP! I was in it alone at first, but lucked into connecting with another coach to buddy up! We roomed together the night before and she told me they were going to film for an infomercial. Aack!!

Country Heat Certification

The most exciting thing happened! Autumn Calabrese showed up and did a move breakdown and led an entire 30 minute country heat live routine for us. Total sweatfest!! And so much fun!!
Once Autumn left us the master trainers took over to really help us learn about how to lead classes. I’ve been a participant in a lot of group fitness classes and really needed the information about counting and cueing. I think I’ll be listening to the music 24/7 for a few weeks! I’ll also be having friends over as guinea pig students!

Autumn Calabrese

Seriously, I cannot believe this is something I did! Becoming a health and fitness coach is not something that’s a course in the high school course catalog. Anyone can do it with a genuine desire to help others and a willingness to learn the ropes.

Country Heat

I haven’t been in a dance class since I was 3 or 4 years old! Check me out! At least athletic wear has come a long way. Still fun, but no ears!

Childhood Dance

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