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Beachbody Coach Summit 2016

August 5, 2016


Beachbody Coach SummitThe Beachbody Coach Summit was such an amazing experience! I arrived a day early to get certified in the new cardio dance fitness program, Country Heat.

I have attended my share of educational technology conferences and was prepared for the crowds and the overwhelming-ness of the experience based on past events from my teaching career. Take a large group of people that are passionate about the same thing and great things are bound to come of it! Seriously, there were so many great things, it’s hard to process it all while you’re there!

Yes! I’m Part of a Team!

For me, one of the very best parts of Summit was the bonding with the absolutely amazing ladies on our team. We spend a lot of time interacting online, but have only come together face to face here and there in the past year. A couple of the ladies I had spent time with for an event in Pittsburgh last year and then also earlier this year for Super Saturday in January. Beachbody has multiple live events during the year with Summit being the capstone event!!


Confidence! What it’s all about!

I’m not sure if it’s because of the shared passion or the fact that we are all so comfortable in our own skin – a byproduct of doing Beachbody programs – but we all got along and it was like being with family for 5 days. (Maybe even better than family:) I was never one to have much confidence in myself, even though people probably thought I was totally “together”. It’s amazing how we can mask our insecurities with false self confidence.  Of course, I am still not all “together”, but what I have been able to do is come to terms with who I am and work at growing and growing!


Beachbody’s SUPERWORKOUT took over Nashville, with 25,000 coaches working out on Broadway during the 2016 Beachbody Coach Summit!! When the alarm went off at 5AM so I could prepare to report to the outdoor 6AM workout, I wasn’t so sure about the whole thing! But how could I miss out on something so BIG?! 90 minutes, with 6 super trainers? COUNT ME IN!! Do you see me?? lol

Beachbody Mom Workout Nashville

superworkout beachbody nashville mom fitness

Team Fit and Fabulous

superworkout beachbody nashville mom fitness

Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T.

superworkout beachbody nashville mom fitness

Getting Air!

$100,000 Winners

At the celebration event at Nissan Stadium, we had the chance to hear about amazing Beachbody success stories – real people that set real goals and worked hard to achieve them. Check out some of the challenge winners.

Beachbody Challenge Transformations

Summit is organized with large group events and smaller break out sessions where top coaches, share learned business strategies and personal stories to provide insights and skills to help me better serve my customers (challengers) as they work on their health and fitness goals. The end of event celebration was full of entertainment, moving stories of health and fitness, as well as business success. Melanie Mitro, founder of the Dream Team (of which I am a part) was named top coach for a second year in a row!! Melanie is a great leader and has been instrumental in helping me get started in coaching.

Melanie Mitro Michelle Krill

Melanie & Me 🙂

What is Beachbody?

You may not know much about Beachbody – it is not a new company. Beachbody started with infomercial sales, but after the CEO saw how the message boards were building a community around the products, they went out on a limb and developed the coaching model. Fitness + Nutrition + Support = RESULTS.  Read the Beachbody story in full here.

Beachbody Infographic

When the CEO announced all the upcoming products and programs, I was totally mesmerized!! The success of the 21 Day Fix container meal system is astounding and is now included with all the fitness programs. I can’t wait to share all the exciting news!!

Super Trainer Reality Show!!

Here is something to get started with!  The 20s: The Search For The Next Beachbody Super Trainer is an original reality show being shown on Beachbody on Demand starting August 8th!

Each episode follows a special group of talented 20-something fitness trainers in their quest to become Beachbody’s next Super Trainer. The winner will join the ranks of such legends as Tony Horton of P90X, Sagi Kalev of Body Beast, and Autumn Calabrese of 21 Day Fix. Each will use his or her own unique personality, fitness background, and ability to motivate others in an epic battle. Watch them live, work, and compete side-by-side to prove they have what it takes. In the end, one determined aspiring trainer will earn the coveted, life changing grand prize: the title of Beachbody’s next Super Trainer and a contract to develop their own home fitness program!



If you’re ready to join this amazing team, fill out the application here or scroll down! The team is growing and we need motivated people that LOVE to help others!


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