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Smart Snack Choices

August 11, 2016

Healthy snacking can be a real problem for me. Especially right when I walk in the door from work or when I am going to be on the go a lot! I have been making changes to the way I eat to improve my health and fitness and learning how to snack smarter has been pretty important to figure out. In fact, now I plan for 2 snacks a day. The planning is the key to making smart snack choices!

Smart Snack Choices

1. Hummus with raw veggies

2. Apple slices with peanut or almond butter

3. Brown rice cake, peanut butter and banana slices

4. Carrots with avocado dip

5. String cheese and grapes

6. Fruit with Greek Yogurt

7. Air popped corn

8. Rolled turkey breast

9. Sliced red bell pepper with skinny ranch dip

10. Celery with all natural peanut butter

11. Almonds with peanut butter

12. Garden salad

13. Overnight Oats

14. Steamed edamame (watch the salt!)

15. Kale chips

16. Small box of raisins

17. Sliced tomato and feta with a bit of basalmic

18. 2 oz. Cheese and multi grain wheat thins

19. Frozen grapes

20. Hard boiled eggs

21. Banana and nut butter

22. Avocado, hummus on toast

23. Nuts and raisins

24. Cherry tomatoes

25. PB and fruit protein bars

26. Cucumber hummus cups

27. Tuna stuffed tomatoes

28. Shakeology

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