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Country Heat – Dance Fitness Week 2

August 21, 2016

Dancing to Fitness

With the wrap-up of week two of Country Heat I am feeling like a dancer 😉 I mean I’m NOT ready for the professional stage or anything like that but you know what? I am definitely getting the moves down. Now, I will be working on crunching more, digging in and going lower on moves to get the maximum benefits. With Country Heat, you are getting a full 30 minutes of cardio! FUN cardio!! That is a total oxymoron, but it’s so true!

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Nutrition Transition

One thing that has been kind of easy with the transition from 21 Day Fix Extreme to the Country Heat was the meal planning because I was familiar with the container system from the 21 Day Fix. In fact, I have totally adopted the container system as my LIFESTYLE when it comes to daily nutrition!  I was able to put together a meal plan with new recipes from the Country Eat meal guide pretty easily because my container allotments were the same as they have been.

My meal plan for the third week of the program is below. A good amount of the menu items are repeats from the past with 1 or 2 new additions. For me, it’s all about keeping things SIMPLE. Especially because I’m a teacher and my summer break is coming to an end!

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I have the workout schedule included on the meal plan, so I know in advance what I’ll be doing each day. Honestly, it’s a ton of fun to think about dancing as exercising. I remember Jazzercise when I was younger and I love Zumba, so maybe that’s why it’s a good fit. I used to dread going to the basement or the gym to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill – but spending 30 minutes dancing actually seems like more cardio than the treadmill and I really look forward to it.

Cardio Dance Fitness

The dance routines for week two were Down and Dirty and Bring the Heat. Also, Dance Conditioning is included a couple of days of the week as an extra workout. Dance conditioning is not too difficult and helps your body be ready for the dancing.

Country Heat Live!

Some days I stuck with the Country Heat Live routine since I’m a certified now as an instructor.  You can’t go from the certification class right to teaching live classes – especially if you’ve never taught any fitness classes before – which I have not! I had the opportunity to try out my leadership skills with some girlfriends this weekend but my confidence level was still too low to do it without having everybody be able to see the workout too. I spent some time listening to the music and now I’m going to work on being able to do the moves without watching the video will see how that goes.

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The other thing that is key in any sort of program when you’re thinking about getting fit or losing weight is making sure you’re drinking your water every day. You want to be drinking at least half your body weight in water to be able to flush the toxins and keep your body hydrated. I have been sticking to my Camelbak bottle for quite some time but it’s out of commission now!  I’ll be on the hunt for a new bottle for the school year.

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