Core De Force Fitness Programs Super Saturday

Launch time! Core De Force is now available!

October 31, 2016

Ready to FIGHT FOR IT?! It’s LAUNCH DAY for Core De Force!

Are you in need of something to light a spark in your fitness routine, bust through a plateau or – even if you are just starting on your health and fitness journey –  do you want a workout that holds your attention, is high energy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY is FUN and EASY to follow?


Creators, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews have created Core De Force which is a 30 day total (mind &) body transformation program that will get you in the tip top shape – possibly the best of your life. The program focuses on 360 degree core rotation, explosive jumps and punches and body weight strength workouts to help you reach your own personal goals. That means NO EQUIPMENT!! Read all the details on my earlier post here!

This program is for EVERY ability level because there is always a modifier and different levels of intensity you can start with and work your way up as you improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Take it ’til the final bell with me! Get your Core De Force challenge pack right here (11AM!) and be sure you register for my Core De Force private launch group – click here.


Here’s a sneak peek of one of the MMA Speed rounds. MMA Speed is broken into six 3-minute “rounds” that alternate between authentic MMA combinations, bodyweight training, and explosive cardio spikes to help attack belly fat and carve total-body definition — all without any equipment. It sounds intense, but don’t worry. You can follow the modifier, Jessica, to help you get familiar with the moves!

MMA Speed Sneak Peek! Fighter stance Cross, hook, rear knee, switch knee


Had a blast doing MMA Speed with the Fit and Fabulous team at Super Saturday! With Joel and Jericho on the big screen it was like being in the same room with them. Well, almost! It was a total SWEATFEST! I realized I work harder in a group setting, so I am going to really focus on being ALL IN during my home workouts. That’s what is SO GREAT about being in a challenge group – you get that group support (and pressure) to be GIVING IT YOUR ALL!  Fill out the application to join the Private Launch Group here or scroll down the page!

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Group Core De Force MMA Speed – SWEATFEST!





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