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Joel and Jericho LIVE!

November 22, 2016

LIVE with Joel & Jericho – CORE DE FORCE

What a great way to spend a Sunday! Although I wasn’t in love with the idea of traveling two hours back-and-forth to Philadelphia alone I knew that I would certainly enjoy the Joel & Jericho LIVE event and the time with my fellow coaches.

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workout buddies!

Team events are super way to get energized and this one was even more worthwhile because there was a live workout, Q&A, and a photo opportunity with Joe and Jericho – the Core De Force trainers.

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I got there early – thank goodness I checked the event the night before for details – or I wouldn’t have been on time and might have missed the photo!  I see the trainers every day on the videos and I was anxious to actually see what they are like in person. After the photo, there was an exclusive Q&A with the trainers and then presentations from a few awesome coaches!

  • Retired nurse – Jasyra Santiago-Hines
  • Challenge winner – Andrea Barlow
  • Beachbody of Instructor of the year Michael Oehlmann
  • Joel & Jericho!

The group workout was MMA Shred – and it was a total sweatfest! So fun!

core de force


core de force
I’m looking forward to the next group event which is super Saturday in Pittsburgh in January.  I will come together with my own team, fit and fabulous, and more coaches from the dream team. The dream team is slated to be a top team again and I’m so excited to be part of the organization.

I doubled up on the trip and travel down to my home state of Delaware to meet up with some high school buddies for a little mini reunion. I also swung by someone in my family’s home for a special surprise! I was so impressed that my mom participated consistently in the water challenge and it was enough that she won the prize! I thought it would be fun to swing by just for a few minutes and drop it off in person. She said it made her day!
Stay tuned for the 12 days of Shakeology! It’s going to be a shake off with 12 days of Shakeology drinking leading up to a Christmas.

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I am inviting YOU to join ME and a few other women for a countdown to the holidays with 12 days of Shakeology! email me for details –

FIGHT those holiday cookie cravings and get off on a HEALTHY note for the new year! 💕

🌲12 days of online accountability

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💫 holiday survival tips to help you navigate the season

🚀Whether you’re looking for that little “boost” to get back on track after Thanksgiving or simply need to refocus and prepare for the upcoming holiday gatherings – or – maybe you just want to give this whole Shakeology superfood a try. Now is the time to see for yourself what the hype is all about?!?!



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