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Country Heat – Turn it up!

July 30, 2016

Turn up the HEAT! It’s time! August 1st starts my Country Heat exclusive test group and I can’t wait! I learned the program, I’ve sampled the workout dance routines and I have a meal plan ready to go. For those familiar with the 21 Day Fix, the containers are the same! If you’re not familiar here is a short video about how they work. See what comes in the Country Heat box! I love when my package arrives! It’s like…

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Country Heat LIVE!

July 27, 2016

Comfort zone busted! When a friend suggested that we both get certified to teach Country Heat, I wasn’t too sure. I have gone to a lot of Zumba classes and I love Zumba and I had even looked into becoming a Zumba instructor. BUT, really I don’t think I’m that coordinated – I always had to have my eyes on the leader. If you want more information about Country Heat or you’re ready to join the a Challenge Group –…

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