What is a Virtual FitClub all about?

What is a Virtual Fit Club anyway??

My online fitclubs are 30, 60, or 90 day health and fitness support groups to help busy, everyday women get to feeling the best they can from the inside out with daily fitness and healthy nutrition.  Nobody except like-minded ladies participate in the groups. In fact, no one else can even see the group! What I do in my groups is provide participants with lots of great information, such as nutrition and fitness tips, meal plans, and I share motivational posts to keep you motivated and accountable to keep you on track toward your ultimate fitness and health goals.

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It takes 21 days to get into a habit… Our job in 21 days is to get you into in a routine and feel that need to exercise, eat healthy, and have less cravings and more energy!

What do I need to join a fitclub challenge?
You need just a few things to get you started on this awesome fitness journey.

  1. A Beachbody program – You can chose any exercise program that suits you, and if you are unsure, I will help you find what is the best fit for you.  The programs vary in intensity, and whether you like cardio, weight training, dancing, or a variety, we can chose depending on your preference.  Each exercise program comes with a meal plan that you can either follow or just use as a guide.  You also get a schedule, so you know exactly what workout to do and what day! So simple! That hard part is already done for you!
  2. SHAKEOLOGY– Shakeology is a health shake meal replacement full of dense nutrition.  This is used once daily in place of an entire meal.  Just a little about our shakes, they are unlike any other, because of how powerful they really are!
    What Shakeology is NOT:
    • NOT just a protein shakePhoto Aug 22, 7 55 49 AM
    • NOT just a supplement
    • NOT artificial
    • NON GMO
    What Shakeology is:

    • OVER 70+NATURAL ingredients
    • Gluten free
    • Low on the glycemic index (perfect for diabetics who need their insulin levels sustained at a certain level without it spiking with certain foods)
    • Full of dense nutrition – Super foods, anti-oxidants, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. These will ultimately improve your energy levels, cravings, immune system, digestive system, heart health, and muscle growth! This is where the shakes differ from ANY OTHER!
    • No need to take a multi-vitamins!
    • Get your serving of veggies – 1 shake is comparable to 6 trips to the salad bar!
    • Convenient – Nothing better than whipping up a 2 minute breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner! If you are traveling, DON’T worry, there are travel packets!
    • Cost-effective: Instead of going to fast food, or even Starbucks, have a shakeology shake and get your money’s worth AND the nutrition you need to stop the cravings for these other unhealthy meals.
    • 1 shake is approx 4$ (less than $4 if you are a preferred customer) and equals going to the grocery store and purchasing ingredients for a meal, but you get more nutritional value!
  3. YOU!  The last thing you need is YOU! Do not be your own worst enemy. Come into the challenge having faith in yourself that this is it! NOW is YOUR time to finally break away from all those crash diets and live that healthy lifestyle you have always wanted without feeling those terrible thoughts of binging every other day.  When you stay positive, the outcome will be positive!

Ask yourself:
Am I where I want to be??
What am I doing to get to my goals?
Is my current plan working? If not, it is time to move onto bigger and better things!
How bad do I want this? What am I willing to do to get there?
Am I willing to do what it takes to finally feel that success and have the transformation I have only wished or dreamed of?

Fill out the challenger form and let’s get going!