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Beachbody Coach, coaching, health and fitness, weight lossHi! My name is Michelle Krill and I love to help busy, everyday women learn ways to feel great, gain energy, shed excess weight and to feel more beautiful from the inside out and rediscover their best self !

• Are you a on health and fitness and have a passion for helping people?? • Are you trying to get into the best shape of your life and want accountability and motivation to get there? •

Why is Beachbody Coaching different from any other job?
Since I started working with Beachbody, I have learned that this company stands by you! There is so much support from your teams and the company.  They are so supportive of who you are and what you do as a coach!  The products are amazing and I have been using them even before I started working as a coach.  The workouts and SHAKEOLOGY are by far the best products and programs I have experienced and my health and fitness would not be where it is today if it was not for Beachbody. Not to mention all I have learned about myself! The personal development opportunities and sharing are amazing!

beachbody coaching, weight loss, health and fitness, diet, nutrition, clean eating, girlboss, financial freedom, how do i become a beachbody coach, how do  work from home, fitness job, health and wellness coachingBenefits of being a Beachbody Coach:

Opportunity to help people

I am teacher and instructional technology coach – I have always loved helping people.  Beachbody coaching is so different than my teaching career.  I am used to working in the classroom, where I help them for an hour or so here and there.

Being a health and fitness coach, I work with people for long term and help them in so many more ways: exercise, nutrition, confidence ~ we form a special bond.  Before my own eyes, people are changing their lifestyles and transforming into a person they never thought they could be.  With the help of my guidance and support, they reach their goals.  This has become the most rewarding job I have ever had, and I am so thankful for having this opportunity.

Accountability to be Healthy

These days I love to eat healthy and exercise, but sometimes it gets tough and you want to give up… I have found that being a Beachbody Coach, I can much more easily stick with my clean eating and exercise regimen because I know I am acting as a role model for people and I have to practice what I preach!  What better way to hold yourself accountable than to coach and help others along your own journey!  What an awesome job to do what your already doing, but make a difference and an extra income while doing it!? The great thing about this opportunity is you do not have to already be at your goal weight!  You can be just starting your journey… nothing better than being surrounded by motivators to help you on your way!

Personal Development

I am a lifelong learner and this opportunity has opened my eyes to a ton of information that had somehow escaped me! I have found that I now read (and listen to) more books make a difference not only in my career, but in my life in general! Personal development is huge for me because it helps me learn how to stay consistent, motivated, and also how to grow as a leader!  Since I started coaching, I have done a lot of research on clean eating, and different recipes for cooking for my family.  Since I knew I was going to be teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle, I knew what I had to do. I now have books upon books! I am working to have my family become a family that loves to eat healthy! I enjoy every minute of food shopping and food preparation, knowing that I am setting a great example for my family!

Meet New People
I am such a people person and let me tell you how amazing it feels to build long lasting friendships with people that have so much in common with you! You love to do the same things… help people with learning how to live healthy lifestyles, live a healthy lifestyle on your own by eating clean and exercise of course!!

Ok not much is better than getting the products that you use to stay healthy and getting them for discounted price! Yes, my SHAKEOLOGY (healthy shake meal replacement full of dense nutrition), and all my workouts (21 DAY FIX EXTREME, HAMMER AND CHISEL, BODY BEAST, TURBO FIRE, FOCUS T25, SHAUN WEEK!, INSANITY, P90X, CHALEAN EXTREME, and ULTIMATE RESET) are also available to me at a discounted price! You get 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products! How could I say no to saving money?!

I know many people are waiting for that “right” time to get started, but let me tell you something… there is NO such thing as the “right time”.. if you want something, you have to just DO IT! No one is going to push you and do it for you.. you will not go anywhere by thinking about it and dreaming about it. It’s time to go out there and grow, get healthy, stay healthy, and be successful!! It is all about LIVING THE DREAM! Apply here or below. Ready to get started, click here to join my team!