Shakeology Transforms LivesWhat is Shakeology?

I start every day with Shakeology!! Shakeology is a daily dose of dense nutrition! Shakeology is a premium superfood shake containing healthy ingredients, including super-proteins, super-fruits, super-greens, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, pre and probiotics, and digestive enzymes. The amazing benefits come from herbs, roots, fruits, and vegetables that range from the commonly known, like pomegranate and blueberry, to the exotic, like goji berry and maca root. These incredible whole food ingredients from around the world, uncooked and unprocessed, provide a wealth of superfood nutrition all in one shake.

Shakeology Flavor Choices

I pretty much drink Chocolate Vegan Shakeology every single day. But if chocolate is not your thing – there are 8 other options to choose from! You can mix and match or go all the same! The flavors are: Vanilla, Chocolate, Café Latte, Strawberry, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan, or Chocolate Vegan, Vanilla Vegan and Vegan Cafe Latte and they all help support healthy energy, reduce cravings, support weight loss, and support digestion and regularity.  My hair, skin and nails have never been so strong and shiny.

  • Chocolate – Sensuously sweet, utterly delicious Chocolate that puts a world of healthy superfood ingredients into every low-calorie shake.
  • Vegan Chocolate – The rich, centuries-old flavor of real, artisanal chocolate in a superfood-packed meal that’s 100% vegan, soy-free, & dairy-free.
  • Vanilla – A delicious, creamy flavor from pure, ethically-sourced, organic vanilla beans grown in remote Madagascar.
  • Vegan Vanilla – There’s absolutely nothing “vanilla” about this dairy-free shake. Because its flavor is so full-bodied it’s perfect on its own. Or because vanilla is a neutral base, you can make this shake taste like anything, and I mean ANYTHING, your heart (or taste buds) desires.
  • Strawberry – Bursting with mouthwatering and succulent strawberries, this delicious shake is rich, sweet, fruity, and smooth.
  • Vegan Tropical Strawberry – This reinvented vegan shake gets the name “Tropical” from more tangy pineapple and sweet guava flavors than ever.
  • Greenberry – The mouthwatering fruit, healthy greens, & nutritional powerhouse of new, improved Greenberry make it the latest fan favorite.
  • Café Latte – A robust and smooth café latte flavor that is light enough for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike. It’s totally true! I like this one a lot and I do not drink coffee!
  • Vegan Cafe Latte – Rich, robust, and creamy Café Latte Shakeology is formulated with Whole Coffee Fruit, a new superfood powerhouse native to regions of Mexico and India. Savor the delicious coffee flavor with only 25% of the caffeine you’d typically get from an 8 oz. cup o’ Joe.

Shakeology 7 Day Sampler